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Touch Sensitive Magnetic Hexagon Lights

Touch Sensitive Magnetic Hexagon Lights

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Do You Want A Relaxing Glow In Your Bedroom? 

These Beautiful Lights are touch-sensitive, making them easy to use. 
Hexagon Led Rgb - Item That You Desired - AliExpress

The hexagonal module lights are spliced together by magnetic attraction, which can be used as wall lights, with touch-lighting and extinguishing mode, which can be turned off and on with a light touch or easy stroke. : Yescom 10 Pack RGB Hexagon Wall Light Panels Touch Sensitive  Magnetic LED Splicing Hex Light Modular Lamp DIY Aesthetic Bedroom Home  Office Hotel Bar Decor : Tools & Home Improvement


  • 5 pack: 5 hexagon lamps in red/green/blue/yellow/pink
  • 6 pack: 6 hexagon lamps in red/green/blue/yellow/pink/white
  • 10 pack: 10 hexagon lamps in red/green/blue/yellow/pink, 2 pieces each colour

Package Includes

1 X Modular Touch-Sensitive Magnetic Hexagon Lights

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